Non-Invasive Body Sculpting with CoolSculpting and Vanquish

August 1, 2018

There is no end to the number of specialized diets or exclusive body sculpting exercise routines being advertised to us on a near-constant basis. Nearly every forwarded link offers a new article on the importance of cold-pressed juices or 16th Century eating habits. Almost every late-night infomercial or reverse magazine cover touts the latest supplement, workout equipment, or DVD series designed to transform your body in less time and with more results than ever before. And though diet and exercise are terrific resources for living healthier lives, building muscle, and burning excess fat, they have their limitations.

As we age, fat deposits throughout our body in unwelcomed ways, resulting in such frustrating terms as double chin, muffin top, and love handles. These monikers – adorable as they may sound – are used to describe unsightly fat buildup in the areas of our bodies that are most resistant to exercise, diet, and other traditional weight-loss methods. Try as we might, despite countless fad diets, juice cleanses, or renewed gym memberships, these problem areas remain some of our biggest frustrations.

Not long ago, solutions for removing excess fat could be found only through surgical procedures such as liposuction. These procedures were expensive, offered varied results, and were followed by post-operative care and extensive recovery times. Thankfully, however, there is an answer to these extreme methods of days gone by, and – amazingly – they require little more time than a lunch break.

Non-Invasive body sculpting provides the benefits of surgical fat removal without any of the harmful side effects, huge costs, or prolonged recovery times. Through two unique, FDA-approved body sculpting procedures known as CoolSculpting and Vanquish, patients can experience decreased waistlines; reduced excess fat in the chin, abdomen, and thigh areas; and body contouring that will boost confidence in physical appearance while promoting healthier lifestyle choices within.


This non-invasive body sculpting procedure works by targeting underlying fat in the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and chin area with controlled cooling technology. Through a method called cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting exposes fat cells to extremely cold temperatures, in turn killing them and – through the body’s natural processing methods – permanently ridding them from the body.

In most cases, patients see a reduction of fat in treated areas by 20% to 25% within one to three months following their procedure.


Specifically designed to treat the midsection, and with absolutely no physical contact made to the skin, Vanquish rids the body of stubborn fat by using radio frequencies. This method of non-invasive body sculpting heats fat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit that – like CoolSculpting – kills unwanted fat cells without harming the skin, internal organs, or any surrounding tissue.

Vanquish is a little-to-no-pain procedure that can be performed over the course of a lunch break and requires absolutely no downtime or recovery.

Both treatments are FDA-approved, non-surgical, and are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Investing in CoolSculpting or Vanquish allows you to see impressive results over the course of weeks without the pain and interference of surgical procedures.


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