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Kimberly H. Gooden

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Kim Gooden has served as practice administrator of Dermatology Consultants, P.C. for over 25 years, since 1991. As a certified medical office manager, Kim has a strong background in business, including billing and consulting services. She serves as a past president of the National Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM). Kim is also a founder and former president of Dermatology Managers Association of Georgia which is presently dba DMA.

Professional Activities

  • CMOM – Certified Medical Office Manager
  • CPCD – Certified Professional Coder in Dermatology
  • ADAM – President 2008-2010
  • DMA – Founder and former president
  • Speaker, Georgia Society of Dermatology, 2009
  • Speaker, North Carolina Medical Society, 2008, 2010
  • Speaker, Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers
  • Speaker, Dermatology Nursing Institute, 2010
  • Speaker, Ohio Dermatology Manager Association (ODMA), 2010
  • Speaker and Consultant, Photocure US
  • Speaker and Consultant, DUSA Pharmaceuticals/Sun Pharma
  • Speaker, ODAC Conference, 2012
  • Speaker, National Academy Dermatology Nurse Practitioners, May 2012 Inaugural Conference
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Deidra Harper

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Lauren Humphreys

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Eric Mask

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