How to Get Rid of Under-Chin Fat for Good

July 11, 2018

For years, there have been solutions for just about every issue plaguing the skin: injectables to minimize wrinkling, exfoliators to reveal brighter complexions, body contouring services to thin waistlines, products to infuse the skin with vital nutrients, and all manner of non-invasive procedures designed to reverse the signs of aging and rebuild confidence. But one point of focus that has been routinely lacking assistance has been the under-chin area.

As we age, fat deposits below our faces, causing the dreaded “double-chin,” and, for years, there hasn’t been a single injectable solution for this issue.

Introducing Kybella

Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable proven to permanently remove fat cells from under the chin to improve your profile.

Using deoxycholic acid (a molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies and aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat), Kybella works to specifically target fat cells and flush them from the body. As new fat cells cannot be recreated, the result is a thinner, more defined neck and chin line that will take years off your appearance and help restore your confidence.

When Diet and Exercise Just Aren’t Enough

As is the case with any dermatologic or aesthetic treatment, patients interested in Kybella should stick to healthy lifestyle choices, such as proper diet and exercise, to help improve and maintain their results. However, these practices, though great for promoting overall health, can often fall short when it comes to eliminating unwanted fat in certain areas of the body.

As we get older, the naturally occurring proteins in our bodies responsible for creating structure in our skin and keeping our bodies firm begin to diminish. If left unaddressed, this problem will only continue to worsen until the skin looks wrinkled, saggy, and full in the wrong areas.

Kybella helps bypass this concern by targeting the source of under-chin fat and creating permanent and unbelievable change from within.

The Benefits of Avoiding Surgical Procedures for Fat Reduction

More and more patients are seeking services that use non-surgical approaches to improve their appearance, as these are becoming more widely available throughout the country. Surgery, though inarguably effective at removing fat, comes with a host of side effects and consequences that can remain with patients for years – or even an entire lifetime – following their procedure.

Kybella is an entirely non-surgical procedure. This means patients will receive powerful results without having to deal with scarring, botched or unreliable outcomes, damage to surrounding tissue, painful recovery times, or problems that can arise in the future because of their treatment.

Nobody should have to live with a chin they don’t love. With Kybella, patients can change the way the look and feel, while doing away with their double-chin for good. To get started with Kybella, just call us at any of our three locations or click here to make an appointment to get together.


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