Anti-Aging Treatments and Products Catered Toward Men

February 21, 2018

Skin care has evolved over the years, from the services and products designed to reduce aging to the methods through which treatments are provided. And, although the importance of properly maintaining skin health is something that applies to everyone, there is still some stigma that exists around skin care treatments for men.

To understand the role of skin care in our lives, it is important to remedy the myths so often associated with it. This starts with the matter of promoting and maintaining ideal skin health.

Our skin is our largest organ and is responsible for acting as our first line of defense against the world around us. When overly stressed or not properly maintained, the health of our skin suffers, making way for diseases, complications, and premature aging. By investing in simple treatments and everyday topical products, however, men and women alike can postpone negative health issues and make themselves look better in the process.

Skin Care Regimens Designed Specifically for Men

Although skin care treatment options are typically universal for both men and women, there are some specific concerns commonly held by men that make certain treatments more advantageous than others.

For instance, men typically regard skin care products as cosmetic products. Where women tend to focus on products that have both clinical and cosmetic effects, men can be much more easily persuaded by those products that focus more on the physical properties of the skin and less on tints, finishes, and fragrance.

Products offered by companies such as ColorScience, Revision, and Neocutis place an emphasis on the efficacy of their active ingredients. These products contain cocktails of essential and powerful peptides, vitamins, minerals, acids, and antioxidants to transform concerns and prevent future harm to the skin.

Body and Facial Rejuvenation Services for Men

In addition to topical agents, it may be necessary for men to seek certain procedures to combat their skin issues. These services are provided to not only enhance the health, look, and feel of the skin, but also the tissues that lay beneath.

For facial rejuvenation, many men seek the assistance of simple injectables, such as Botox to reduce signs of aging, while other men are drawn toward treatments such as Ultherapy to help rework the shape and tone of their facial features.

For body contouring, most men seek the assistance of either CoolSculpting or Exilis to remove stubborn areas of fat and add definition to their bodies. Both procedures are preferred for their ease of application and no downtime. This makes them especially appealing for men who live busy and active lives, as they require relatively little time or effort to receive.


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