Using Technology to Tackle Rosacea

September 18, 2019

Rosacea runs in families and is especially likely to trouble people with fair skin. Sun and wind, alcohol, and certain foods can trigger a flare-up, so regulating our exposure to these factors can help. But isn’t there a more direct and emphatic way to deal with the redness, bumps, and soreness that arise from rosacea?

Fortunately, now there is. Intense-Pulsed Light technology, or IPL, offers a new option for people who want to see their skin recover from the overall effects of age and exposure. In addition to stimulating the body’s own production of collagen to relieve wrinkles and fine lines, IPL can remove discoloration – and even smooth the skin further by diminishing the size of pores.

Even better, IPL has proven particularly helpful for relieving the effects of rosacea.

With minimal discomfort and rapid results, IPL can relieve the appearance and suffering that comes with rosacea and, at the same time, reduce the appearance of broken capillaries, sun damage, brown spots, and age spots on the face, hands, or most anywhere. Because IPL stimulates collagen production, it can also help restore the volume that skin naturally loses when collagen levels decline as we age.

How IPL Works

Intense-Pulsed Light therapy harnesses natural light energy and radiofrequencies to place the benefits of broad-spectrum light at the skin levels and layers where it can do the most good. The blood vessels and damaged skin cells that show up as discoloration naturally absorb the light energy. The result is clear, smooth, rejuvenated skin, without the raw skin and recovery time of a chemical peel. The treatment takes only a few minutes and results in no downtime whatsoever. People see transformative results in only a few treatments.

So Many Options to Suit You

Our board-certified dermatologists can advise you how IPL can address rosacea, and several options are available depending on your own condition and skin type.

Our Marietta and Covington offices use the Palomar StarLux500 system for IPL treatments. The procedure minimizes your skin’s exposure and is also more comfortable than traditional photo-rejuvenation.

Our Buckhead office utilizes the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System, the next generation of technology. The Palomar Icon includes the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, providing fast treatments with excellent outcomes and a comfortable patient experience. Our Buckhead and Marietta offices also offer the MaxG Optimized Light Handpiece for superior vessel and pigment clearance. It works to close larger, deeper facial vessels, giving you a comfortable, no-downtime treatment for a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

There’s no reason anymore to be patient with rosacea. There are steps you can take to relieve it, and we offer them here. Just contact one of our three locations to get started.


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