The Secret to Clearing Pores and Eliminating Blemishes

June 27, 2018
Acne, clogged pores, oily skin, blackheads: these are, hands down, the most common of all skin afflictions, effecting patients young and old, of all races, backgrounds, and demographics. Most people experience the worst of these issues in their teens and adolescence. For some, acne-prone skin persists well into adulthood. As acne is the most common skin condition, the number of treatments, products, procedures, and “cure-alls” available on the market can be absolutely staggering. The issue, of course, is that not all treatments are equal in their efficacy. In fact, many make their mark by treating all acne patients the same, when, in actuality, our skin is as unique to us as our personalities. As such, we should be provided treatments that only make positive change by first establishing our personal needs.

Step 1: Establishing a Treatment Plan Through a Personal Skin Consultation

Before starting any skin regimen, it is essential to first meet with a qualified skin care expert to help evaluate underlying concerns and build a treatment plan that will consider all the variables that make your skin one of a kind. By starting your skin care evaluation with a Visia Multi-Spectrum Skin Complexion Analysis, your skincare provider will be able to determine what treatment plans will work best for your individual skin type. For many patients, an ideal solution to not only eliminate active acne lesions, but also reduce the likelihood for new acne growth caused by enlarged and congested pores is Isolaz, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation therapy that combines a gentle vacuum effect with a painless blue light treatment to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

The Anti-Acne Benefits of Isolaz

When people try to address their acne entirely through over-the-counter remedies, they tend to introduce all manner of creams and acids and facial masques to the skin that can, in the long-term, prove to aggravate already compromised and irritated skin. The issue with many of these products is that instead of removing facial debris, they add to it. Treatments such as Isolaz, on the other hand, focus solely on removing and eliminating excess debris to reverse the effects of acne. Isolaz is a painless, non-invasive procedure that combines two potent anti-acne therapies in one device. The procedure works by removing debris stuck deep into pores through a vacuum process while targeting acne-causing bacteria with a blue light. Once the bacteria are targeted, all surface debris such as dead skin cells and oil is sloughed from the skin to reveal a clearer, cleaner, and brighter complexion. Acne can be a devastating affliction that causes us to lose confidence in our skin and overall appearance. Isolaz can not only help us regain that confidence, but also keep our skin clear and acne-free for years to come. To get started with Isolaz, just call us at any of our three locations or click here to make an appointment to get together.


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