The Invisible Effects of Acne

February 5, 2020

There is a sisterhood and brotherhood who know a different meaning for the term acne. This subculture is thankfully small, compared with the population as a whole, but it still numbers in the tens of thousands. These are people who experience a form of acne that, in a sense, never goes away. Long after the lesions leave and the scars fade, there are people who carry the effects in their outlook, their self-image, their sense of confidence in love and work and living.

The experience of waking up to a different face every morning, during your most vulnerable years is hard to forget. The professional journal, The Dermatologist, had this to say: “Despite its apparent cosmetic nature, the effects of acne can go far deeper than the surface of the skin and place a heavy emotional and psychological burden on patients that may be far worse than its physical impact.”

It Doesn’t Just Make You Sad

People who suffer severe acne are at greater risk for anxiety and depression, poor self-image, and poor self-esteem. Even though acne, to some degree, affects 70% to 85% of the population at some stage of life, the severity, age at onset, and duration of acne all play a role in the magnitude of its psychological effects.

We don’t share this to scare people, but rather to let people who could use it know that we understand. Most important, we can help, too. There have never been more options for treating acne, to minimize its severity and shorten its stay.

We Can Help

Breakthroughs have been achieved in the treatment of acne, and, at Dermatology Consultants, we have made it our mission to master them. Whether it’s an array of treatment options to minimize the impact of active acne or procedures that can reduce or even erase the scarring that acne sometimes leaves behind, our team at Dermatology Consultants is on your side, reliable allies through the journey of putting acne in its place, and refusing to be defined by it.

The attention we devote to acne therapies revealed a revolutionary, laser-based treatment called Isolaz. It has been shown to produce superb results, removing acne and leaving a person with clear skin and clean pores. The Isolaz laser procedure can be performed in our office, with no need to use needles nor an anesthetic. Whether Isolaz is used as a primary treatment or in conjunction with other acne treatments, Isolaz provides acne relief like no other treatment currently available.

Isolaz is an effective compliment to a customized regimen devised by our team in caring consultation with you. Let us be your guides to the skin you can enjoy showing the world. Just contact us to get started.


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