How to Return to the Skin of Your Youth

September 11, 2019

Why does young skin look so good? Our overall impressions of youth, and all the positive feelings that go with it, are composed of certain building blocks. The skin of youth glows; it is smooth, firm, and elastic. We know it when we see it, but few are aware of all the factors that add up to youthful skin.

Young skin is radiant – that’s no illusion – because a smooth surface with a firm foundation reflects light. Good blood circulation fuels rapid cell turnover, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin and carries away debris. As we grow older, though, these processes slow, so renewal doesn’t keep up with the effects of sun, stress, gravity, and pollution.

With age, the collagen that supported that smooth, contoured look of the skin’s surface is produced more slowly. Elastin – the elastic protein that helped our skin stretch, contract, and return to shape in our youth – is no longer so abundant. The results of these declines in circulation, collagen, and elastin combine to present the look of older skin that can become all-too familiar. Today, there’s no reason to accept that. A new process known as Infini offers us a very attractive alternative.

Micro-Application and Radiofrequency Energy

Infini takes the breakthrough of microneedling – a precision process in which ultra-fine, sterile needles stimulate the skin’s natural process of growth and restoration – and adds a further dimension. Infini combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to warm the skin at specific depths, stimulating the body’s own collagen production. It gives a boost to natural processes that may have slowed down. The body’s response is to make more collagen – and faster. Elastin, too, gets a wakeup call from Infini, for longer-lasting effects on the skin’s ability to bounce back.

Infini has been called tissue remodeling for its demonstrated ability to tighten skin, improve texture, and minimize scars and other distractions. The ability of Infini to reach precise skin levels where fibroblast cells stimulate elastin and collagen production is part of what makes Infini such a step forward.

Clear Advantages

Compared with laser skin resurfacing, for example, Infini works deeper and uses the body’s own responsive processes to achieve a more complete result that lasts longer. Response time, recovery, and downtime are greatly reduced, too.

With a nearly pain-free process, little or no downtime, and results that add to our patient’s smile factor – as well as the youthful look of their skin – it’s no wonder people are making Infini a popular option.

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