How to Remove Fat Permanently Without Surgery

May 16, 2018

As we get older, our bodies begin to carry extra baggage around our midsection, under our chins and arms, and various other problem areas that can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and lower our self-esteem. And, as if unwanted deposits of fat weren’t enough, we become soft. Our skin begins to lose its elasticity, wrinkles form on our faces, necks, and chests, and all manner of folds, divots, and bumps began to rewrite the surface of our bodies.

If left untreated, these imperfections can become unsightly and make us lose confidence in ourselves. Thankfully, there are terrific options for contouring our bodies, transforming our appearance, and reversing many of the signs of aging.

Using Thermal Energy to Harness Results

In the past, fat removal and body contouring could only be achieved through surgery. These procedures were often unsafe, always painful, and resulted in long periods of downtime followed by permanent scarring and iffy results.

With thermal technology, however, patients are given an entirely new option for fat removal and body contouring that not only provides dramatic results that compare with the most extensive surgical procedure, but also boost the effects of other efforts such as diet and exercise.

Exilis uses thermal energy for deep-tissue heating at specific depths. This allows for fat to be targeted throughout the body without causing any harm to surrounding skin, muscle, organs, or other tissue. Because fat cells are so susceptible to this form of heat energy, they are easily destroyed and permanently flushed from the body.

What to Expect Prior to Your Exilis Procedure

Exilis is an ideal treatment for men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are looking for a safe and quick alternative to traditional weight loss and body contouring methods. Exilis is additionally useful for tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity.

Prior to your procedure, you will meet with a skin expert to discuss your specific needs and areas of focus. This will help determine how long your series of treatments will be. Typically, the results from the Exilis treatment can last up to two years, especially when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

Exilis is a highly versatile procedure, which allows for the treatment of the neck, face, body, arms, legs, back, and knees. As many other body contouring devices focus solely on one or two areas of the body, Exilis is perfect for thorough, head to toe treatment.

The Exilis procedure is not only effective and long-lasting, it is also quick and inexpensive; helping to make it an even greater option for people not looking to invest large amounts of time and money into their body contouring plan.

Deciding what body sculpting options are right for you starts with a clear conversation. Have yours with an experienced, board-certified dermatologist who is sensitive to your needs and goals, expert, and up-to-date on the most effective techniques. Just call us at any of our three locations or click here to make an appointment to get together.


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