Skin Cancer

May 15, 2019

What Your Mother Never Told You About Skin Cancer

Of all the tips Mom could have passed on, it is doubtful she ever told you to get naked once a year. But this would have been valuable advice. Find out why in this week's blog.

Skin Cancer
March 6, 2019

Do You Need a Mohs Surgeon?

If you have skin cancer, then you need a Mohs surgeon. These specialized physicians are skilled in the use of micrographic surgery, which is the most effective method for treating skin cancer lesions.

Skin Cancer
February 6, 2019

The ABCs of Skin Cancer Everyone Should Know

ABCDE is a method of checking for irregularities that consists of evaluating the asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and evolution of moles. Know your ABCs and protect yourself.

Skin Cancer
December 5, 2018

How to Protect Yourself from the Winter Sun

When weighing the effects of the sun on our skin, it is easy to focus solely on what we can see and feel. Sunburns, for instance, are immediate, painful, and unsightly; the memories of which become engrained in our minds […]

Skin Cancer
September 5, 2018

3 Great Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

It wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that humans started to understand the magnitude of the sun’s influence on our bodies, particularly regarding the effects of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation in the forms of UVA and UVB. […]

Skin Cancer
April 4, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Summer for a Skin Exam

Every summer, our local and national news broadcasts become peppered with reminders to seek annual skin exams for avoiding and removing skin cancer lesions. Although this advice is sound and should be taken seriously by everyone, it also brings the […]

Skin Cancer
March 14, 2018

Why You Need to Be Diligent About Skin Lesions

It’s not pleasant to think that unwanted skin lesions can grow on our bodies. Even when harmless, they can be unsightly and embarrassing blemishes that affect the way we view and present ourselves to others. Often, as is the case […]

Skin Cancer
June 28, 2016

Dr. Fiona Zwald in Dermatology News

Fiona Zwald, M.D. was featured in an article in Dermatology News, a physician only news publication for Dermatologists across the country. She discusses how the hematologic cancer drug, Ruxolitinib, seems to be associated with increase of cases of aggressive non-melanoma […]

Skin Cancer
June 6, 2016

Early Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

Over the past two years, a concerted effort has been made to educate the public about the dangers of skin cancer. As a result, the number of skin cancer cases that have been caught early on has increased drastically. Additionally, […]

Skin Cancer
May 11, 2016

Difficult Skin Cancers: How to approach

Difficult Skin Cancers: How to Approach Skin cancers can become quite tricky to operate on when other factors come into play, such as current medications a patient is on, or even immunosuppressed patients. When presented with these predicaments, it requires […]

Skin Cancer