Hair Loss

February 28, 2018

Losing Hair? Gaining Unwanted Hair? Here are Your Solutions

Whether looking to remove unwanted hair or restore a thinning scalp, many people are unhappy with the state of their body and head hair. For men whose hair seems to be migrating from their balding head to other, less desirable […]

Hair Loss
August 9, 2017

Will Dyeing and Bleaching Contribute to Hair Loss?

It should come as no surprise that introducing chemical vehicles designed to augment the color of one’s hair is not ideal for maintaining hair health. But to what extent do products containing peroxide, ammonia, and other popular hair coloring agents […]

Hair Loss
May 17, 2017

The Secret Weapon Against Hair Loss

In the United States, 35 million men and 21 million women are currently experiencing some extent of hair loss. These cases range in severity, from barely noticeable patches of thinning hair to large, unsightly bald spots. For many men, signs […]

Hair Loss