Body Sculpting

May 20, 2020

Remove Fat and Build Muscle with Emsculpt

A new form of high-intensity exercise produces muscle development beyond that achievable through working the muscles on your own.

Body Sculpting
January 29, 2020

Contouring the Chin with CoolSculpting

Non-surgical options for contouring the chin are popular and growing rapidly. One of the newer chin-sculpting procedures available today is CoolSculpting.

Body Sculpting
December 18, 2019

The Things That Get Better with Time

If the reflection in the mirror is not of the person you’ve worked hard to become, it's time to seek solutions. Here's one that is worthy of consideration.

Body Sculpting
July 31, 2019

Double Chin? The Kybella-CoolMini Faceoff

One of the biggest targets of early facelifts was the double chin, and it proved to be one of the hardest to pull off persuasively by surgery.

Body Sculpting
July 24, 2019

20,000 Crunches in 30 Minutes – It’s Possible

Technology has offered us something that no feasible amount of hard work could accomplish – a focused form of exercise no person could do solo.

Body Sculpting
July 10, 2019

Does Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Work?

Though non-invasive body sculpting sounds simple, the information available to people who consider these technologies can be complex.

Body Sculpting
May 8, 2019

Which Body Sculpting Technology is Right for You?

Heat, cold, light, and sound are all foundations for various successful body sculpting processes, so the choices are wide and numerous. So which way is best?

Body Sculpting
April 24, 2019

Reshaping the Contour of the Body

Two amazing body contouring procedures harness cooling and heating technology to safely and efficiently remove unwanted fat.

Body Sculpting
January 2, 2019

2 Weapons for Fighting Fat in 2019

Diet and exercise are, of course, the best and healthiest solutions for targeting fat, but when diet and exercise don’t get the results you want, then try these two non-invasive treatment methods.

Body Sculpting
August 29, 2018

Non-Invasive Methods for Turning Back the Hands of Time

We may not be able to stop the aging process, but by embracing a regimented approach to skin health and investing in the right treatment options, we can reduce the signs of aging in our skin; halting, and even reversing, […]

Body Sculpting