Botox or Fillers? Three Things to Consider

June 26, 2019

The popularity of Botox and fillers is undeniable. Their widespread use, though, brings with it an unusual landscape. On the one hand, they are more accessible than ever. Yet, on the other hand, the decision to use them seems to have grown more complex. We’d like to make it simpler and clearer, so here are three things we’d suggest you consider.

First, the near-universal acceptance of Botox and fillers has brought with it a great deal of clinical experience. There’s nothing fringe-y about a process that saw millions of units applied last year, as Botox did. And injectable fillers are just as prominent in the toolkit for achieving and maintaining a youthful appearance. This means a lot of people are both trained and experienced in the process of applying them.

Second, the seriousness of the decision is still there, even though the heavy traffic has brought with it a regrettable perception that Botox and injectables are no big deal. These are processes to be taken seriously, despite the appearance that everybody’s doing them. Just look at all the other uses of Botox, beyond its cosmetic benefit of relaxing wrinkles. Botox is also used to treat migraine headaches and bladder dysfunction, to name just two. It’s a reminder that Botox interacts with nerves, and that is never something to be taken lightly.

Our third point is the result of the first two. It is very important to choose your dermatology professional carefully when you’re considering the use of Botox. Their track-record of the number of units they’ve applied is one factor you might consider. And, yet, we’ve seen professionals use that number in some pretty un-serious ways during the course of marketing their services. Waving their applied-units number around like an advertising headline, or referring to a practitioner as a “Botox Queen” just might be signs that a practice is taking this too lightly.

How to Know You’re in the Right Hands

A board-certified dermatologist you can trust will help you consider your options easily, yet carefully. They will have mastered many options, so that their advice is unbiased. They will be able to explain the use of each option in light of your own, unique, individual goals and desires, because they will listen carefully to learn your vision of the outcome you’re seeking.

In the case of injectable fillers, ask about options that include stimulating the skin’s own production of collagen. If suitable for you, these have the advantage of working immediately and also enabling your body’s own resources to help maintain the benefits you are seeking.

At Dermatology Consultants, this is the experience we offer you. You can be confident of unbiased, masterful advice, skilled and experienced application, and special attention to your own vision of results. Let Dermatology Consultants be your guide. Just contact us to get started.


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