August 16, 2017

When we imagine the ideal version of ourselves, we focus on every aspect of our physical appearance. We picture our bodies with less fat, our skin with less wrinkles and with fewer imperfections. We see ourselves as younger, healthier, more […]

July 26, 2017

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to rid our bodies of unwanted fat. In the case of the dreaded double-chin, it can be even more difficult, as submental fat is not easily remedied through diet and exercise alone. […]

July 5, 2017

We all strive for beautiful skin. We all want to boost the way we feel about ourselves and improve the way we present ourselves to others. We exercise, we eat healthy, we take precautions for protecting our skin and eyes […]

June 14, 2017

When something we own breaks, or becomes damaged, we tend to replace it. We supplant it with something new; something better suited for performing the tasks set out by the broken thing. When our cars break down, we have them […]